Young African Genius Wows M.I.T


I will always remember what Wole Soyinka once said about Nigeria and Africa – That we are “frustratingly” talented but we do not know how to use that talent.

Africans all over the world have helped and worked on mind-blowing inventions and projects all over the world with the benefits hardly ever touching Africa except maybe a compliment or two from international bodies.

But compliments will not bring innovation to Africa, what Africa needs to do is to open her eyes. Leaders of African nations need to stop looking and searching across the ocean. They should look right under their nose, we have our own Bill-gates, Steve Jobs and even our very own Einstein waiting to be discovered.

I have already posted an article about the Nigerian girls who developed a generator that worked with urine as fuel, if you want to read that click here

As for the Young African genius who wowed M.I.T he has been discovered, and there are many more like him waiting for the exposure. please watch the video below as it explains how he was able to shock M.I.T


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  • Salaahudiin Husein Alayuubi

    he is agreat guy, blieve me , we can do alot auf things , i blv our country #Africa