Would you prefer to date an African man or a White/Black American ??


“Why can’t we all just get along?”

I was talking to a girlfriend in Texas about her recent dating experiences and she told me that lately a lot of African men had been asking her out. As soon as she said that we both laughed and at the same time said, “That will never happen!” We both have had quite someinteresting experiences with African men and have no desire to be in a relationship with one.

Now that may sound mean, or even racist but apparently she & I are not the only African American women to feel this way. A lot of Black women I know have some very strong opinions about dating Africans.  Take my friend for instance – she’s dated African men in the past and says that they are controlling, domineering and too aggressive. I’ve never dated an African man (with no plans to do so) but all African men that I’ve been acquainted with have been just downright arrogant, impolite and seem to have a sense of entitlement. I guess modesty & chivalry is just not part of their culture. The only positive comment I’ve heard about being with an African man is that they do take good care of their families (unlike their African American male counterparts – but that’s another story).

Yes, we are all Black and have common ancestry but we have such vast cultural differences. Shoot, I’m not even sure that Africans date each other. Do Zambians & Sudanese date or Malians & South Africans? When’s the last time you saw a Nigerian and an Egyptian married?!

Now don’t get me wrong, dating an African worked out for President Obama’s mother, but I just won’t be going out with one anytime soon.

Written by Chocolate Vent      

What do you think guys? Is she right ?

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  • If a girl find his partner as a black than no matter he is white or black the thing which matter is how much both of them love each other and how much they have understanding between each other!