Would you ever think of Killing your Wife? [For Men]

Man kills wife

Men who Murder Their Wives

Your Wife, Your other half, Your fiancee.. what would possess a man to kill his woman?

Every now and then we keep coming across cases of domestic violence, crime against women, and those of men killing their wives. The latest in the league of high profile murder cases is the Oscar Pistorious murder case, which has taken the whole world by storm. Oscar Pistorious is a celebrity athlete who shot to fame in the Olympics, when he became the first paralympian to compete with able bodied athletes in an equal race.

In November, last year, he got into a relationship with a successful model Reeva Steenkamp. Everything was like a fairytale, love story of a super successful athlete, and a famous model and TV star. Then suddenly, the fairytale comes to a sad end, with the alleged murder of Reeva Steenkamp at the hands of her beloved Oscar Pistorious.

The Oscar Pistorious murder case has brought back memories of another shocking case in which a Swedish born, Hindu Lohana woman named Anni Dewani was murdered coldly while she was on her honeymoon in South Africa. Such a bitter end to a honeymoon is quite unthinkable. The convicts who had murdered this young engineer were held shortly after the murder, and were imprisoned. During the trial, it was revealed that the convicts were hired by Shrien Dewani, the husband of slain Anni Dewani, to kill her. This honeymoon death convict, who is a British national, is now wanted in South Africa for the murder of his wife.

Such cases where an innocent and unsuspecting woman is killed by her husband gives rise to more powerful and serious questions. Why would a man murder his wife without any plausible and apparent reason? There could be several reasons that trigger murderous instincts in such men; it could be insecurity, ego issues, suspicion, or jealousy, among other reasons. The reasons are certainly quite psychological in natur

There could be several other reasons, and each case would have a different story behind it. Like in Oscar Pistorious murder case, the convict has pleaded not guilty, and has said that he had mistaken his wife for an intruder. Although facts don’t support his claims, he has been able to secure a million rand (South African Currency) bail. Nonetheless, now the onus is on the Africa justice system, to conduct a fair trial and punish the guilty appropriately. As per the Africa justice system, the convicts of such murders can get up to 25 years in jail. Only time will tell if the justice prevails or not.


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