Women Caught Smuggling Cocaine In Their Weave at JFK Airport

Two women with very big hairdos sparked the interest of federal agents at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. According to court records, the agents searched the two women and found that the women had over two pounds of cocaine hidden in their weave, sewn in.

The two women arrived at J.F.K on Sunday morning, on a flight from Guyana. While the women were being questioned by Customs and Border Protection agents, they are reported to have appeared very nervous and both fidgeted a lot.

A U.S. District Court affidavit reports that a federal agent noticed that Kiana Howell “appeared as if she was going to faint” and “her carotid artery was pumping.” While being patted down, an agent felt “an unusual bulge beneath the defendant’s hair weave.” Howell claimed that the bulge was “part of her hair weave.”

When agents asked Howell to remove her weave, she admitted that she could not remove it because it had a package sewn into it. She went on to confess that her boyfriend, in Guyana, had asked her to carry the package in her weave and deliver it to the United States for him. Howell claimed that she did not know what was in the package.

Howell was taken to a medical facility where the package was taken out of her weave and agents found a rounded package wrapped in clear plastic. The contents of the package were cocaine. After being arrested, Howell admitted that she had agreed to smuggle the package in exchange for $7,500 that was promised to her.

The second woman, Makeeba Graham, a Harlem resident had a similar story. Graham was also asked to remove her hair weave and also said she couldn’t because it was sewn into her natural hair. When the weave was removed, Graham also had over a kilo of cocaine hidden in her hair and weave.

Both women were charged with separate felony criminal complaints of narcotics smuggling. Graham was released on $100,000 bond and Howell is still in custody.

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