WizKid Freestyle on Timwestwood – Click here to Watch Video

If you love afrobeats, then you’ve probably heard of Wizkid and his hits such as Pakuromo, Tease me .. to name a few.

He is one of the New Era of Artist’s that are doing a good job putting Afrobeats on the World Map.

Recently he was on the Tim Westwood show in the U.K; and as usual for Rap Artist’s on the show, he had to do  a freestyle. I have listened  to it and in my opinion the freestyle was really good, not too sure about the American accent he put on though.

Oh yeah and Sneakboo is pronounced “S-n-e-e-k-b-o-h” not “S-n-e-e-k-b-u-u”

Watch the Video here >>


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