Why Do Black Men Have Such a Big Problem with a Little Weave?

Hair Weave

Hair Weave

I have a hair appointment to get my weave taken out this week and it got me to thinking – why don’t Black men like women who wear weaves? I’ve asked some of my male friends (even some of my ex-boyfriends) and they’ve said that they prefer women who are more natural, meaning women who wear less makeup and real hair.

There’s got to be a middle ground. I understand not wanting to find out that a woman you initially thought was attractive looks like a wildebeest without makeup. But no weaves? The majority of Black women wear weaves. We also wear makeup, high heels, pantyhose and jewelry. All of these items are “fake” too, worn only to adorn ourselves and embellish our natural looks. This is what attracts men to us in the first place and hair just happens to be a major part of that.

I happen to wear a weave because it’s easier & less of a hassle. Sometimes I wear it long, sometimes I wear it short and sometimes I wear it really long. I have a perfectly healthy head of hair and I do wear my natural hair in-between the weaves but I don’t see anything wrong with switching it up. One guy told me that he doesn’t like women who wears weaves all the time (read: 365 days a year) or when he can see a woman’s tracks in her head. I do agree that it is tacky to wear a weave 24/7 – your scalp needs to breathe.

Look, if men were that much against weaves, I’m sure many more women would stop wearing them (to attract more men). What makes me laugh, though, is the fact that men say they don’t like weaves but it certainly doesn’t stop them from dating women who wear them. It also doesn’t stop them from enjoying how we look when we wear them. Besides, I’m sure if men had more options to accessorize with, they would do it too.

All I’m saying is, I like to change my hair the way men change their Jordan’s.

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