What Makes a Good Marriage?


Marriage is one of the biggest steps in life that most people take. It is the main milestone that most people must surpass in life. Many people spend years searching for the perfect person to marry, and spend hundred of thousands of dollars on a wedding. Who you choose to marry will make a big difference in your future and what path you may take in life. However, even given that marriage is of such importance, more than half of married couples divorce. Marriage has a very large rate of failure. In modern times, people tend to take marriages for granted and do not see the seriousness of such a bond. Before even considering getting married, one must understand what exactly makes a good marriage.


  1. Being Friends with your Spouse

If you are going to be spending the rest of your life with someone, then it is important to actually like the person, flaws and all. It is a very important aspect of marriage to be friends with spouse and to be able to get along with them. Sure, there will be things you do not necessarily favor, but you should regard your spouse as not only a partner, but also a friend. This will definitely make for a long lasting bond.

  1. Accepting Each Other’s Flaws

No one is perfect, and that goes for marriage as well. You will have to love and accept your spouse for all of their flaws, regardless of what they are. Before marrying, you will have been well aware of these flaws, so you shouldn’t begin to reject them once you tie the knot. Since you will be living with the same person for years, you will definitely have to learn to get use to the little flaws, and the big ones. Only ask for a change if the flaw is something that negatively affects the relationship.

  1. Keep Up Good Communication

It may seem like a cliché, but communication is important in a relationship. You must relay to each other your feelings and everything else. Failing to communicate what you are thinking or feeling will definitely negatively affect the relationship in the long run. Your spouse will have to be the person you turn to the most during your marriage, so make sure to keep the communication channels open.

  1. Individual Yet Separate

Of course, being married, you will be joined in many ways: through bank accounts, in the same living quarters, having children, etc. But it is still important to maintain your separate lives away from the marriage for sanity. This includes having separate hobbies and friends. Doing things together is great, but doing everything together is not. Make sure to make time away from each other, but keep the time together consistent. Maintain a healthy balance of individual lives and lives as a married couple.

While there really is no secret to the perfect marriage, and no marriage is perfect, there are things to keep in mind to keep the relationship healthy and long lasting. Marriage is meant to be a bond for life, so you will have to work together to keep that bond strong and continue to make it stronger.

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    H,mm i wouldnt agree with everything here, have seen so many failed marriages