What do you see ?

Normally we write a story for you. You read and  you absorb. You either comment or not.

Today I stumbled upon these images online and they hit me pretty hard. I saw the message instantly. I am going to share them with you but i want you to tell me what you see! What can you depict from them?

fried brain


Hidden History


Toxic life


Trains and Trucks


Painters death


Broken land




Tree of Life




Politician's speech


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  • Mr janiker

    see this picture as a critique of trickle down economics. Where the
    working class make a living off the whims of the rich. Hence tree
    jacuzzi water becomes drinking water for the man at the bottom. What do
    you think?

  • Flavolous

    This is more to do with perspectives than the artistry of the mind

  • Laura

    Brilliant! my favs r no 2 and 6!