“We’ll strike again if…” – Boko Haram warns

Radical Islamist sect, Boko Haram has issued another threat via Youtube to all anti-Boko Haram groups that they better let them be or face the wrath of their bullets.

According to one of the group’s kingpins, Imam Muhammad Shekau in an eight-minute video message entitled “Message To The World”, the sect vowed that all the traditional rulers especially those against their activities would know no peace.

He said: “This short message is to traditional rulers who have been conspiring against us, that they have no hidden places for conspiring against our commitment and worship of Allah. They have entered our way and have no hidden places any more, this they should know.

“The message is for three purposes, all plans against Prophet Mohammed and Muslims will not succeed and just wait and see what we will do.
The second is, they are arresting and molesting our members who are just serving Allah. We did not even talk and now they have continued capturing our women, this week about seven women were captured and we don’t even know where they are, but they are being held by infidel enemies of Allah. In fact, they are even having sex with one of them.
Allah, Allah, see us and what we are going through. It is in one place that they are holding seven women, in other places they are more than that. Only Allah knows the actual number of our women being held, women who are married in accordance with Islamic law.

They also debunked that there has been no peace talk between them and the federal government.

Iman added: “In another way they are spreading that we are talking with them, it is a blatant lie. There is nobody that we are discussing with. It is a lie and mischief that they are talking with Boko Haram using fake names, and they are boasting that they have found solution.
It is a lie, you have not found solution. Rubbish and useless liars, there is no single person that you have sat with.
“You are killing our people and at the same time, they are saying they are dialoguing with us. Lies, they are only killing us, they are only killing us. See their lies, they went to the world that they are dialoguing with us, later on they came up, saying they have killed and captured our leaders.

“Since you are now holding our women, (laughed) just wait and see what will happen to your own women. Just wait and see what will happen to your own wives according to Shariah law, (laugh) just wait and see if it is sweet and convenient for you.
“SSS rubbish, Shekau on your neck, SSS you will see it, you are fighting Shekau in their thinking but Allah is by the side watching, and I am alive, healthy and no one had killed me. Allah is with us. We are working for Allah, and not attacking Muslims but infidels, we are not against Ummah but those against the work of Allah.”

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