“We will surprise Nigerians after October 10″ – Bakassi traditional ruler

Paramount ruler of Bakassi Local Government Area and Chairman of the Cross River State traditional rulers’ council, Dr Edet Okon Etim, has warned that Nigerians should expect shocker after October 10, which is the 10th anniversary of the ceding of the region to Cameroun by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

The monarch said, “I am very sure that something significant will happen on or before the 10th of October” Etim, who was reacting to a comment by President Goodluck Jonathan, where he was quoted to have said that there was no need to appeal, affirmed

“If truly the Federal Government refuses to appeal the judgment, then no one should be surprised by what will happen in Nigeria after October 10.”

The House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Treaties and agreements, Yacoob Bush-Alebiosu who visited the area two months ago said that, “President Jonathan should send an appeal to the ICJ immediately otherwise, from what we have gathered, after October this year, we may have another problem on our hands. We pray that it does not happen, because if it starts, I can assure you that the disintegration of this country will start from there. The people of Bakassi are very sad and I believe government must do something,” he said

Speaking further, the monarch affirmed that they are tired of being treated as second class citizens in their own country. He said: ‘We want to leave but the law continued to hinder us because the law pretends that we are Nigerians but we cannot be Nigerians with having a foot hold on our land or concede our land to Cameroon. We have said it clearly that before Nigeria and Cameroon, there was Bakassi, we don’t need Nigeria to define and determine our existence, but one point is clear, today it may be Bakassi and tomorrow it may be Otueke. If we are used as sacrificial lamb today, it may be another group tomorrow”

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