Ugandan Girl aged 19 Makes an Incredible Invention


Christine Nalukwago

Christine Nalukwago

19 year old Ugandan girl Christine Nalukwago, has invented a Deworming tablet. Incase you don’t know what that means, a Deworming tablet is a medecine used to help get rid of worms in the body.
“My dream is to become a veterinary doctor but I am also an emerging innovator,” says Christine Nalukwago.

With little or no materials, she made the medicine using dried pawpaw seeds, sugar and cassava flour or banana flour.

Christine Nalukwago is currently a Senior Six student at Kitante Hill School, she says she came up with the idea of developing  a solution to parasitic worms in children whilst staying with her grandmother.

“My grandmother used to give us dried pawpaw seeds to chew when we were still young but we didn’t know the use. But one day, she told us that they expel worms from our bodies,” she says.

Nalukwago says she became inquisitive after that and when she joined a secondary with access to laboratories, she chose to carry her research forward.

“At first, the results were not good but I kept on trying,” says Nalukwago, who studies Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture and sub-Math in Secondary School.

This is a very Innovative move for Uganda and Africa in general, it proves that we have the talent in Africa, we just need to develop it. We can easily have our own Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton… Ugandan girls are usually portrayed as helpless rape/abuse victims on the News and Tabloids.. I hope this will change that.


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