Top Nigerian Official Embarrasses Himself on National TV

Mr Obafaiye Shem

He might be the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp (NSCDC) but recently on National Tv, he sounded nothing like the person who commands a position of that order.

During an Interview on air with Channels Television, the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp Mr Obafaiye Shem was casually asked for the Website of his Organisation – The NSCDC.

The resulting answer included a Combination of Stuttering, Dramatic Pauses and the Proverbial “Beating around the Bush” by Mr Obafaiye Shem; he even attempted to “Bamboozle” the Television Crew by stating that he could not “Categorically give them the information” because his “Oga” had not given him permission to do so.

Eventually, he gave the Wrong Website – In his words he said the Website for the NSCDC was W.w.w. NSCDC … Then he cleared his throat awkwardly and said…. “That’s it”.

However, a reporter from the TV station checked his answer and found out that he gave the wrong address. The correct Web Address for the NSCDC is

This makes me wonder how many other “Top” officials actually do their Jobs ?

To some of them it’s just a way of earning money whilst sitting in a lush leather arm chair, Smoking a Cuban Cigar and thinking of many ways to decorate their king sized Office. Actually i can’t call it an office because an office is a place where you DO YOUR JOB.

Click the Video Below to see for yourselves.



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  • Alfie100

    Is this man an imbecile or what? listen, are you taking this man out or not…I need the job. Even my 10 year old will do better.

  • Anonymous

    This is Why the country is corrup!! Arrant Nonsense

  • Omo

    Goodness me! This stuff has gone viral. There are even t-shirts.

    • Anonymous

      Are you serious?? looool

    • Anonymous

      @omo are you being for real lool

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