Tonto Dikeh’s Releases New Song – Receives Laughter and Criticism. Click here to listen

Every year, one Nollywood actor/actress will decide to go into the music industry; Their reason? Most probably to cash in on their fame and boost their bank accounts or maybe, maybe they actually believe that they have the musical talent to rival other prestigious Nigerian Musicians such as Ty-bello, Dare art alade, Tu face and so on..

If the latter is the case, they should be ready for immense criticism from the public because the Bar in Nigerian/African Music has been set so High recently thanks to the new set of artists getting worldwide recognition.

Genevieve Nnaji who is most probably Africa’s if not Nigeria’s most decorated actress learnt the hard way when she released her single titles “No more” ; and quickly learnt that not everyone can be a Musician. Right now, comparing Tonto’s single “HI” and Genevieve’s “No more” i would rather listen to the latter than hurt my ears with Tonto’s noise.

Tonto we love you as an actress, you see the impact you had on Nollywood, you can’t have that kind of impact on the music industry, keep up with the acting; you are on your way to the etop – Even capable of rivaling Genevieve in the nearest future.

Now it’s time to listen to the new singles. The first track titled “Itz Ova”, is a break up song produced by Teso Music and features upcoming act, SNYPA while her second single, “Hi” is a funky, upbeat and techno pop song.

Let’s not bore you with talk, check it out!

Click the link below to listen to tonto’s song.

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