The Nigerian Government needs to Fix this !

Nigerian national website


One link –

That website is supposed to represent the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I know students still in University who can design something way better than this – And I’m sure there are talented web developers in Nigeria that can do a much better job. This puts Nigeria in a bad light, infact it could serve as a misrepresentation of the country to any foreigner who visits the site. It actually looks like one of those Chinese scam sites or one of those pop up websites that offer you pills promising that they can increase various body parts.

On a more serious note, my guess is that there are a lot of young people who can do a better job – but working for government in Nigeria is not attractive to young and skilled individuals because of how poorly civil service is run.

I imagine it was either built by amateurs  or given to clueless contractors (for a huge amount of course).

This is why people call Africa “The Dark Continent”

Something should be done about this. – Take a look at the website of the American government  –

Can you see the difference in quality?

I thought as much

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