The 5 Commandments For Smartphone Owners

Gone are the days of Old cellular phones; or even Nokia Phones. Everyone now either has a Blackberry, Android or an I-Phone. I found this article on and i thought it would be useful to every smartphone user out there. Your smart phone is no longer limited to just making phone calls and texts; You can do a whole lot more on it. So its high time we all take a leaf from Jon and start using out smart phones the proper way. (Well except you cancelled the internet on your phone or your line got blocked because you couldnt pay your bill; In that case get a Nokia)

The article below was inspired by Jon Mitchell; Jon describes himself as a conflicted tech reporter. He started covering the technology beat because of his love for the power of the smartphone. But the conspicuous consumption of gadgets, with its attendant human and environmental costs, makes him feel as though he is complicit in injustice. To reconcile these feelings, he has settled on five principles for owning a smartphone. They help him use his device to its fullest potential.

The 5 Commandments for Smart phone users!

1. Thou shall make things with thy smartphone.

Smartphones are not just for email, Facebook and fantasy football. They are multi-sensory assistant droids that extend our powers of creativity and observation. They’re loaded with powerful cameras, microphones and accelerometers. We can interact with the info they store with our fingers or our voices. They can communicate with other computers. And there’s an app for everything.

To take full advantage of these pocket-sized supercomputers is to be a more dynamic, fully realized human being. Communicate visions with Instagram! Tweet or blog observations! Capture inspiring quotations and share them with friends! Damn the data trail, track my location and create a spatial record of life being lived! Why? Why not?

2.Thou shall help people with thy smartphone.

If I meet someone on the street who needs directions, I will show him or her the way with my best map app. If someone needs a question answered, I’ll look it up for them. If a friend drops her keys in the movie theater, I’ll use the light to help her find them. If someone needs a locksmith or a mechanic or a police officer, I’ve got a way to help right in my pocket.

3. Thou shall not needlessly replace thy smartphone.

This is the one that weighs on me the most. Smartphone manufacturing comes with labor problems and environmental damage. Smartphone use drains the planet of energy and resources. There’s no such thing as a purely ethical smartphone, so any purchase is a compromise.

And yet we love our gadgets. Great new phones come out every year (if you’re an Apple user) or freaking constantly (if you’re an Android user). Smartphones are hardly just for geeks anymore, but they’re certainly for people who love technology. Sometimes it’s hard to resist buying the latest technology if you love it.

I will resist it. My phone could land Apollo 11 on the moon in the background while I play Angry Birds. If it can do what I need it to do, I will not replace it. I will keep it until a new one comes along that blows it away in so many ways that it makes me faster, better and stronger. And if I can’t find someone who needs my old one, I will do whatever I can to recycle it.

4. Thou shall put away my smartphone when talking to people.

My smartphone is a portal to vast worlds, but I will not let that alienate me from my physical surroundings, especially the people. If I’m with people, I don’t need a phone to mediate my interaction anymore, so I will keep it in my pocket. I will check my notifications later. I will use it only if I need directions or an answer to a question. Then I will put it back in your pocket.


4. Thou shall not be careless with thy smart phone.

The topic says it all; your smart phone is as expensive as a 32 inch flat screen television; hence you do not take it with you whilst paint balling/swimming, or any other activity that can render your smart phone null and void. You should not “Leave it at your friends house” or “Forget it in the Taxi cab”. Treat that smart phone like you would treat your own child, because even Siri has feelings too.

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