Tennis Champions Serena Williams and Venus Williams Arrive in Lagos Nigeria










You might aswell call them the Greatest females to play tennis, no one will hold a grudge against you for saying that. Venus and Serena williams have captivated and thrilled the world with their “Never die” attitude and their innate ability to win tournaments and tournaments and tournaments… The list goes on shall i continue?

Venus and Serena Williams arrived Lagos – Nigeria this week, as part of their two-country African trip in a bid to raise awareness and  promote women’s rights(The other country being South Africa).

Their trip is aimed at promoting “the role that women play in shifting perceptions and encouraging development at all levels across the African continent,” said a statement from the Breaking The Mould initiative they are representing.

Serena, 31, and Venus, 32, are due to meet the governor of Lagos state, hold a tennis clinic at an exclusive club, visit a puberty education class for girls and play an exhibition match before heading to South Africa on November 2.

We at Africapublic wish them well in their endeavors and we hope that Nigeria and South Africa can use this good publicity as a means to show the world what Africa has to offer and that we have the best hospitality services.


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