Star African of the Day – Rachel Mwanza

rachel mwanzaa

Meet Rachel Mwanza; In 2012 She won the Best Actress awards at the Berlin Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Festival and the Vancouver Film Critics Circlet. That is no mean feat for a 15 year old child.. Although she won’t hesitate to tell you that she turns 16 this year, one cannot help but admire such cuteness with a blend of talent and maturity.

2013 isn’t going to be any different for the young star from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) she already has two film roles under her belt, and now she has been nominated for the Best Actress at the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards.

Oh yeah, and guess what?? She was also nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category for her debut in the movie (Rebelle).

We can always learn something from people’ s accomplishments.. Rachel Mwanza was born in 1997, abandoned by her parents, she lived on the streets for a while.. Now she is on the Red Carpet.. Who would have thought? ??

Never Give up people, no matter your circumstance!! Africa is Blessed

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