Stalker Poured Acid on a Girl in Ethopia.

Can you remember Kamilat Mehdi?

The 21 year old University Student that was attacked with Acid in Ethopia.

She was walking home after dark with her two sisters when a man stepped out of the shadows and threw sulphuric acid in her face.

The acid hit the 21-year-old’s eyes, nose, mouth, forehead and chest, splashing onto the faces and backs of her sisters beside her, burning flesh wherever it touched. It is said that She knew her attacker and he had been stalking her for months begging to be her lover, she refused him but she was scared to report to the police because he threatned her.

Anyways Thanks to a Rich Saudi Sheik who sponsored her treatment, she was treated and she survived; After multiple operations and surgery to save her face, she is now on the road to recovery.

Kamilat before she was attacked

Kamilat before she was attacked


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