Skin Bleaching in Africa – Nigerian Women [VIDEO]

This Video documents the increasing trend of Skin BLEACHING or TONING in Nigeria; Please Watch..

Whatever happened to the term “Black is Beautiful” ?

Yes there are different shades of Black..  Brown skinned chocolate, Light skinned ebony, Dark Beautiful Ebony e.t.c

People forget that Black people are envied across the world because of the durability of our skin, uniform color and effortless suave..

We have more melanin in our skin, we do not need to Tan, we don’t change color if we are Sad, angry or embarrassed..

Black people are less likely to get skin cancer than other races.. So i don’t understand why people BLEACH sorry “TONE” their natural dark skin to appear lighter.. Don’t they know that improper BLEACHING of your skin could most erode a layer of your skin which leaves you with less protection against harsh elements of nature?


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