Should Society Accept Homosexuality? Yes or No

This is a very interesting insight on the topic of homosexuality. With new laws concerning the legalization of “Gay Marriage” being debated in various countries today, it is quite evident that the world is changing rapidly.

The question is How Rapidly?

A research study carried out by the PEW research center on global attitudes toward homosexuality recently took place where 39 people from different countries around the world were asked a simple question – Should Society Accept Homosexuality?

The participants could either say Yes, No or ignore the question altogether.Map of homosexual acceptance


The result of this survey is revealed in the map above. Already, it is clearly evident that Africa is Anti-Gay. Well except South Africa, famous for its gay rights movement, where  32 percent answered “Yes” accepting Homosexuality.

In Contrast, Only 1% of Nigerians answered “Yes” a whopping 98% answered “No”.

Muslim-majority countries such as Egypt and most of the middle-east also tended to reject homosexuality, (Which is understandable) with less than 10 percent  answering “Yes”. The only exception is Lebanon, although the country is only about two-thirds Muslim. Only 2 percent of Pakistanis and Tunisians – who are generally considered multicultural by Middle-east standards – said society should accept gays.

Even Christian majority countries such as Ghana and Uganda were totally against homosexuality being accepted in the society.

The two most accepting countries are Spain and Germany, with 88 and 87 percent each answering “Yes.”

In Russia, only a tiny 16 percent answered “Yes”. It doesn’t take long to find  evidence. On Saturday, a Russian official announced that the country would ban same-sex couples from adopting children. On Monday, a Russian airport official was beaten to death for being gay.

Overall, the U.S. also lags behind much of the Western world, with only 60 percent answering “Yes.” But in U.S. states now allowing same-sex marriage those states are ahead of much of Europe on gay rights.

What is your opinion? Should Africa Join the rest of the world ? Should homosexuality be accepted in the society or not?

Feel free to comment.

For a more detailed analysis of the research study, please visit here


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  • Amoki

    Homosexuality is not the Norms of the society. Africa is the best place to live and raise your child. Look at all these western countries. Confused breed i tell you

    • Mr leave me alone

      I hear what you say brother but don’t you think everyone should have a right to do what they want?

  • Mr leave me alone

    HAHAHA Nigeria is too much. Out of 150million people only 1% accept Gays.

  • Shola

    I would hate to be Gay in Russia.

  • Mr guest

    South Africa is largely dominated by the white people so I’m not surprised that 32% of people support homosexality

  • shamwil

    Africa have every right to deny gay culture, they dont have to be like other peoples which is their culture, it is not acceptable to africa, never was, and no other country have a right to impose their habits on the african, because this is want they enjoy and do……

    • oneseya

      Exactly!! Thats exactly the truth.

  • la la

    Laws and rules should be set to protect the people…i think the one good thing that Africa has done for it’s people is not making gay marriage leagal…if you stand for nothing you fall for everything….and I believe going the white man’s way is just another way for them to alter our culture…i am not saying Africa should not change for the better but that we should know what better is. There are Asian countries that a good chunk of there population is Transgender, and they wish to be pale like the white man, is that the kind of confusion we want for our people. What makes thier ideals superior over ours? Are we not a people with brains of our own that contain our own ideals. Our people are strong in mind, body, and soul and our daily lives tell us this.