Serves him right; Father gets beaten up for forcing his Son to fight.

If you Skip to the 2minute mark in the video below, you will see what eventually happens to the adult in this video. I want to believe that he is the father to the light skinned boy; or his uncle. Either way he is someone of importance to the boy, and you can tell that the boy respects him.

In the video he instigates a fight between his “Son” and another boy who happens to black. He uses quite offensive words such as “Nigger” when referring to the darker boy in the video.  Watch the video and read the rest of this article below.

As you have probably seen already; he forces his “son” to fight, and when the fight was brought to him, he ended up running away in his car. Which leaves me thinking.. What lessons/values was he trying to teach his son by making him fight in public?. An idea pops in my head; Maybe he teaching him to stand up to people; and fight for himself? But then and again he ended up running away when faced with an equally similar situation. Now i wonder what he will tell the boy on their way home. *Laughs*

At the end of it all; his motive was pointless; Martin Luther king would not be smiling or laughing if he watched this video, and even if the old guy was trying to teach his son the values of life by taking your stand and fighting for one’s self, then he should as they say be able to “walk it as he talks it” and not run away when facing the same situation.

But before i leave you, remember Rosa parks, Martin Luther King and other black heroes took their stand against much bigger issues in life; and they did that without retorting to having to beat someone up.

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