Riots in Brazil – Why do governments ruin their own people?


I was browsing online on the internet the other day when i saw this video titled – “No i am not going to the world cup” .

Having watched it, i decided to share it with the rest of the world. It features a young woman who explains why she has decided not to go to the confederations cup, detailing economic issues and government corruption. At the end of the video you get a very familiar feeling especially if you’re of an African descent. That feeling that your government is corrupt and selfish with tendencies to act in their own interest.

This sentiment is synonymous with a citizens from countries around the world [Mostly in Africa] but also in the so called “First world” countries. It just sounds different when David Cameron cuts back on benefits to spend more on unnecessary wars that the public did not consent to compared to when an African leader refuses to release financial evidence showing how the national budget was spent.

Watch this video and give your opinions in the comment section below

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