Racism against Africans in Israel

Racism in Israel is not only practiced towards Arabs…

Many different groups of Africans have experienced racism from Israelis as well.

For example, in May of 2012 more than 1,000 Israelis protested in the streets of Tel Aviv, demanding the deportation of African Immigrants.
These protesters raided a predominately black neighborhood, also saying that these Africans were illegal immigrants. ILLEGAL. I’m shocked that they had the audacity to call them illegal. I mean, after all, aren’t the Jews illegaly in Israel Palestine?
Back to the story. The protesters claimed that the Africans were responsible for a rise in crime and they held signs that read “This is not Africa” along with “Stop talking, start expelling.” They also shouted racist slogans such as “Blacks out!” and “Send the Sudanese back to Sudan.”
The protesters then proceeded to set cans of trash on fire, smash windows of shops which were owned by Eritrean migrants (Eritreans are from a country called Eritrea, located in the Horn of Africa), and beat up Africans walking through the streets.
A 29 year old migrant from Nigeria, named TJ, sat watching the chaos from his rooftop. TJ had “been chased and pelted with rocks when he attempted to leave his house.”
TJ stated that “there were protesters everywhere smashing shop and car windows. A group of about 10 or 15 boys stopped a black kid cycling on his bike. They pulled him off and were punching and kicking him in his head. The police just stood and watched until it got really out of control.”
Other witnesses described the horrific act of a gang assaulting a mother who was carrying a young baby. They stated how they assaulted her so violently that she was forced to drop her child.
After the protests the Israeli police confirmed they had arrested 17 suspects involved in “a protest against illegal African immigarnts.” However, it seems that they only arrested these protesters after they were done watching and realized that things had gotten “really out of control.”

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