Oscar Pistorius set to Appeal on his Bail Conditions – What is he playing at ?



Quick recap

-Oscar Pistorius is the Main suspect in the Murder of his now Deceased Girlfriend and Model Reeva Steenkamp. She was shot by Oscar in the head and arms at his home in Pretoria South Africa.

In his defense, Oscar stated that he mistook her for an intruder. He was granted bail at 1million rand on the condition that he  hand over his passport (To prevent him from running) and report to the police twice a week.

Now he has decided to Appeal the conditions of his bail; he thinks its unfair and wants it either removed or altered.

His lawyers have stated that he wants to be able to Abscond  Sorry erm.. travel, he also wants to put a stop to having to submit himself for regular drugs, alcohol checks  and he no longer wants to be supervised by a probation officer.

This brings back memories of the Anni Derwani murder case, a young woman who was set up to be murdered in South Africa by her husband at the time Shrien Derwani during their Honey-moon  He was granted bail, allowed to travel and he has never been back to South Africa for his trial.

He is currently in the U.K now under care as his health has “Plummeted” faster than House prices during he Global Crisis and he is now under “Critical Condition”.

Only Oscar Pistorius knows his true intentions for wanting to be allowed to travel whilst on bail and we hope he is not planning to abscond. But if he is, then he better come up with a very good excuse because you know the saying-  “Once bitten twice shy” . I’m sure the  South African Judicial system will not let themselves to be played twice.

Like they always say – Innocent Until Proved Guilty. Let us give Oscar the Benefit of the Doubt…


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