NollyWood To Release Movie On ALUU 4!!


Even is this is a Tribute to raise awareness, isn’t this a bit too soon???

Are we even sure that the proceeds will go to the family of the deceased???

On the 5th of October, 2012, four young men were beaten to death, they were disgraced, stripped naked  and finally burnt in a certain place called Aluu in Rivers State.

They watched themselves die and people also watched them die. They were called thieves. They were killed. Those of us who were not there in Aluu heard different things. We believed almost all the different stories we heard.

N.B – The pictures above were taken from the video shoot of the so called Movie.


This is November. And a movie is being made about this gruesome incident that tore hearts apart, shook homes and emotionally enraged Nigerians and the world at large. Many media freaks and junkies, like FabMagazineOnline termed it a ‘tribute’ to the Aluu4, ‘hoping’ the movie ‘isn’t just another money-making ventures for them but first of all, to truly pay tribute to the ones who lost their lives in that horrendous incident.’

The boys who were killed in Aluu have parents. Have you spoken to them? Have you figured out if you are not going to lampoon on their emotions? Have you done enough to be able to write about each character? How long does it take to shoot a movie, talk more of script? Observing characterization? And working towards a true representation of ideas? Does it matter if it was well balanced? Through whose perspective?

Those are the questions the producers needs to ask themselves before embarking on this so called “TRIBUTE”

Incase you do not know about the Aluu saga, click here to watch the GRAPHIC video of the guys being murdered >>

Also click here to read the explanations behind their murder >>

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