No African leader deemed worthy of leadership award

No-one has been awarded the world’s most valuable prize, the $5 million Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, which was due to be announced Monday.

For the third time in six years, no African leader has been deemed worthy of the prize, awarded by Sudanese billionaire Mo Ibrahim’s foundation.

“The Prize Committee reviewed a number of eligible candidates but none met the criteria needed to win this Award. The Award is about excellence in leadership.” the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Prize Committee said in a press release.

The prize is a $5 million award paid over 10 years and $200,000 annually for life after that.

It is awarded to democratically elected leaders who have stepped down in the past three years after serving their constitutionally mandated term, and have demonstrated “excellence in office.”

Ibrahim, chairman and founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, said: “Since we launched the Prize six years ago, we have had three winners, and three years without.”

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My Personal Opinion; It is a shame that no African leader has been deemed worthy to win this award, this just goes to show that there really has not been much improvement in terms of leadership in Africa. I like this award because it exposes the fakes from the real ones. Presidents like to talk about how much “Implementation”, “Structuring” and (other word that they love the sound of) that they give to the society; but we never ever see the effect.

This award plays a role similar to the Stock market; When managers of a firm insist that they are maximizing profits for the company, one of the ways to tell if they really are doing what they say they are doing is to monitor the stock market. If share price falls, then you know that they are not really doing their Job.

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