Nigerian Men Getting their Lips Tattooed Pink [Video]

In an effort of quite irrelevant Vanity or should i say Stupidity, Some Nigerian Men have started getting their Lips Tattooed in the Colour Pink.

Their reason? They fell that their Lips are too Black for their liking – Either due to genetic circumstances/Smoking too much.

My Opinion?  is that this is pure stupidity and ignorance..

By doing this, they are conforming to the Stereotype of “Black face” which was and still is offensive caricature of a Black man as a Dark Face with Red Lips.

Black Face

Black Face on the Right

Black Face is a form of Make up that was used  in Entertainment Shows during the 18th Century, it was a caricature of people with Black Skin and it was ended in the United States during the Civil Rights Movement.  By Tattooing their lips Pink, these Men are simply evoking the racial slur that was Black face. 

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  • Anonymous

    Just ridiculous. Worried about this entrenched self hate.

  • Yess i know its ridiculous

  • Anonymous

    It is ridiculous. However nigerian women who bleach their skin is not less (if not more) ridiculous. Also if you really want to tackle issues, the horrible weaves that African women in Africa wear and the very little appreciation for hairstyles using the natural texture of africans is also a major problem to me. I just thought I’d comment to make sure y’all aren’t just shocked by tattooed lips because it’s somewhat new. You should be shocked by any type of alienation, unfortunately the more widespread something becomes, the more people tend to forget how wrong it is

    • That is so true, you speak so much wisdom