New Slaves : A word of advice.


New slaves financial slavery

New slaves; financial slavery

Slavery is physical, slavery is psychological, slavery is financial.

Institutional racism promotes financial slavery. Occupational stagnation and lower wages keeps us in our place, literally. You can’t move out the hood if you can’t afford to live in the white areas. If you want better then you will have to take a huge student loan and maybe you can buy your freedom back, most won’t… (Sad truth)

Most black people by their own ideals are stuck in mental slavery. To a great extent it is subconscious due to the passing of slave mentality from the Willie Lynch slave generation all the way through to the current day generation. Having children they can’t afford (which leads to broken families)¬†and wasting money on shiny objects and overpriced shoes , clothing, bling bling e.t.c.

However, mediocre education and the societal pressures of being a second-class citizen (profiling) also helps to promote mental slavery.

Physical slavery is not whipping and lynching anymore but instead it’s incarceration or biased judicial judgments that says no justice for you when you are wronged. Black or White, if a police man wrongs you, it’s your word against the police man’s word.

Even in the days of cotton picking slavery there was the house slave, the slave with the whip and the regular field slaves.

Don’t be fooled by the missing whip or noose. Money is the new whip. If your are in debt or will be in debt if you decided to stop working, then you are a slave.

The only freedom nowadays comes through financial freedom. Financial freedom can only come through education, skill, saving and INVESTING in a business and in stocks and bonds.

So which do you prefer? Flunk education vs Hanging around the block with your “peeps” ?


Choose wisely….


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