Nelson Mandela’s Family Engage in Public Feud Over His Burial


Nelson Mandela

It is baffling to hear that the family of South African icon and World legend Nelson Mandela are being embroiled in a highly publicized feud over his burial location and who inherits his company/assets. Mandela is 94 years old critical but still stable in hospital. Yes I understand that the family is being realistic by anticipating the fact that he might not recover however these are issues that should’ve been handled privately and not in front of the world to see.

They are too busy restraining each other with court orders like the Jacksons to see the bigger picture here – Which is the health of the ailing icon. The argument or  debate about where he wants to be buried should have been handled when he wrote his last will. At the end of the day the man is not dead yet it seems like people are already giving in to pessimism. The focus right now should be on his well-being and a speedy recovery. We wish Mandela well and we hope he recovers soon!

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