My Oga at the Top – Public relations at its best

My oga at the top

Who wants to be an “Oga at the Top”

I have laughed so hard these past few days. A finger pointing toward the skies and mouth shaped into an O sends me cracking hysterically. My ‘Oga’ at home is milking the opportunity dry.

You must know what I am talking about if you follow the news from mother Africa. “My Oga at the Top”! The accidentally hilarious interview by the Channels TV station featuring the head of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps for Lagos State. The ‘movie’ is free of charge on YouTube – thanks to social media.

A bit of mixed emotions – some in the belief that the man has already suffered enough bad publicity feel sympathy for him while others                     (of which I am one) are having a good work-out of their facial muscles.

In the end, it’s not all bad after all – my opinion. That’s what I call effective PR and free Advertising. This singular stroke of luck could make him an overnight Super Star if he or the NSCDC have smart PR managers (could someone recommend me please) – of course I doubt that. Imagine the official heading to a studio for a single captioned “My Oga at the top” or would you assume that the thriving Nigerian music industry would ignore this? I bet someone is already at it?

Reminds me of how Richard Branson cashed in on such opportunity for free advertising against a major competitor. British Airways had planned to mount a giant wheel in front of the House of common but had technical hitches whilst the world press waited. Branson got wind of it and quickly arranged for an air ship to fly right over the wheel with a banner saying “BA CAN’T GET IT UP”. This got wide coverage across the globe. That was totally FREE AND EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING. I think NSCDC should count their gains also!

Millions of Nigerians especially the Diasporas were hitherto unaware of this agency or their services, not to mention the website. I have since visited the (wretched looking) website – I reckon they need something better (again, could someone recommend my brother please).

Secondly, do you assume another public officer would dare attend an interview unprepared or afford to be lackadaisical with such matters? Well, the stupid ones would.

Although I am not a fan of the internet but for business purposes (can’t help it) considering the risk of privacy invasion, I dare to dream of its potential vital role in reshaping leadership in Africa. This is an eye opener…DATS IT? DAZZ ALL!

If for some reason you haven’t seen the Video yet, please click here >>


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