Meet Kingwa Kamencu, 29 Year Old Kenyan Presidential Aspirant!!!


With Africa notoriously known for its vivid acts of corruption in high places of power, it is only relieveing to see a new face in the picture. Her name is Kingwa Kamenchu – A 29 year old presidential aspirant in Kenya’s 2012/2013 election.

Kingwa attended the University of Oxford and it was in her second year that she decided to run for president. Upon hearing her speak, i got the impression that she is well educated enough to lead the country (Thats an impression that i haven’t gotten from most African leaders).  I have personally thought of one reason alone as to why she would be a better leader than the past leaders of the country and it is the fact that she is a woman.

It is a well known fact that women are less corrupt than men. That soft minded, nurturing ability bestowed on her by nature will come in handy when it comes to making efficient decisions that will affect the Kenyan economy. Kenya, like most African countries have been through hazardous regimes that has been marred by corruption and discrepancies of the Highest order.

Her counterparts have already started to conjure up reasons why she can’t be president; One of which is her Age and that she is-  in their words “inexperienced” to run a country.

Now i do not know about you, but since when did you have to be “experienced” to run a country? How could you possibly gain such “experience” without running the country in the first place.

One thing she has got going for her is the fact that she is young. Majority of African heads of state today should be on their pension. We need someone young, with vigor,passion and exuberance to bring a change in the life of Kenyans today. And not these corrupt and ancient so called “presidents” who just loot, steal and “Bamboozle” the country with their lies and games.

When asked why she wanted to run for president in a recent interview, she gave her reason as thus :
I am running to be president in next year’s elections because I see many things that are broken and instead of apportioning blame, I am volunteering myself to help fix it. Like many Kenyans I am tired of the manner in which life is cheap and that we have accepted that a mediocre existence is the norm, that Kenya will always be an underdeveloped country and that people will always be poor and die through drought and famine.I am tired with the manner in which Africa is still regarded as, and allows itself to appear as, “the dark continent”. Mahatma Gandhi said that “we are the change that we want to see in the world today”; I can see some milk spilt on the floor and what I am proposing to do with my candidacy is to clean it up, with the help of others

She was awarded the ‘Young Woman Achiever’ of the year in 2008 by the University’s Women Students Welfare Association (WOSWA).

We at are personally rooting for her as we believe that not only will she make history, she will also bring about a CHANGE.

Men aren’t the only gender who can make important decisions. The queen of England is a woman, Africa needs to respect women as decision makers and not just Nature’s Chef sent down to earth to remain in the men’s kitchen for the rest of their lives.

Daniel Arap Moi was President from 1978 to 2002. Do the Maths..

I think Kenya has had enough of these corrupt men and its time for women to once again, bring the household in order.



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