Meagan Good at BET Awards 2013 – Inappropriate or Not ?

Meagan good at bet award 2013


Meagan good at the bet awards 2013


Meagan good at bet 2013

Meagan and her Preacher husband Devon Franklin

These are pictures of Meagan Good popular American actress and her preacher husband Devon Franklin at the just concluded B.E.T awards 2013. Meagan actually presented the award for the Gospel Artist of the year which was won by Mary Mary. A lot of people pointed at the irony that a scantily clad woman [Meagan Good] was presenting a gospel award.

At the ceremony popular comedian Cedric the entertainer made a little joke concerning the situation, he said “I don’t know what church they go to but boy I’d go there every Sunday”  now I’m not sure if he was referring to the fact that she presented a gospel award or the fact that she is married to a preacher Devon Franklin.

Other people will think, well it’s her life, each to their own, you should be allowed to do whatever you want etc.

What do you think? Was Meagan dressed provocatively? Did she need to do that as a married woman ? Or are people being too uptight?

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  • Abdullahi

    I swear true christian ladies are meant to dress similar to marry mother of Jesus, Modestly.

  • Idris

    are right. I just saw the pics. Clearly he understands his wife’s
    career and supports her decisions. But wow, that dress is provocative. I
    don’t think I could be so cool with everyone visually enjoying my wife,

  • francine

    is a more patient man than me. I would not be cool with my wife dressed
    like that without me around but I get it. As an actress, she needs the
    publicity to stay relevant.

  • femi

    can’t tell her how to dress as a married woman, again it’s all about
    conviction. She ALWAYS dresses scantily. Odd that she’s married to a
    preacher though