Little bit of History – First Contact Between the Europeans and the Africans

A lot of people – Black people especially!! do not know the basic history of their roots; So we have decided to educate y’all on this lil matter..

During the age of exploration the European explorers began to sail as to find new areas and new continents. The fifteenth century was a turning point when the Portuguese stumbled across the African continent and succeeded in exploring the western coast of it. In 1471 they reached “the gold coast”, called Ghana in nowadays, and they established “el-mina castle” as to trade in gold. This achievement was due to their acquisition of navigation techniques. Much more lately, in the sixteenth century they moved to the south where they trade in ivory with the African population.

Trading in Africa was developing gradually especially with the coming of Europeans who established themselves under the protection of the African chiefs. They used to bring cloths, guns and other products in order to exchange them with the Africans who in return provided them with ivory, gold, vegetable, oil and even slaves in the seventeenth century. At that time the American colonies were looking for free labors to work in the plantation fields, as a result they were kidnapped, sold and transferred to the new world. The European settlers were centered in the coast because moving to the interior would bring danger and diseases to the traders who were only interested in making profits.

After the abolition of the slave trade in 1807 and the role of the industrial revolution, the Europeans got involved in legitimate trade. In order to make more profits they needed a vast knowledge about African continents especially to find a way of transporting the goods from the interior to the coast on the big rivers.  One of the most succeeded explorers was (mungo park) who went to the Niger, and there was also René Caillé who went to Timbuktu. The leader brothers discovered the Delta of the Niger. Then later, the possibility to navigate on the Congo River was discovered by Henry Morton Stanley_ British explorer and journalist whose works impressed the king Leopold II of Belgium.

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