Janelle Monae – Beauty and Class

Janelle monae queen

Janelle Monae in QUEEN ft Erykah Badu

Someone once said to me “if you want to be a rapper, be Lauryn Hill.”

At the time, that statement didn’t make sense I liked Lil Kim and Foxy brown, i wondered why  this lady was trying to make me listen to a totally different style in the form of Lauryn Hill?

In hindsight I have come to realize that the person was trying to show me that I could learn to rap without using obscenities or derogatory terms like most rappers do. Back then Lauryn hill was the epitome of a young intelligent black woman. She could rap, she could sing and she did poetry too.

I was watching Janelle Monae perform at the BET awards last night and i felt like i was having a Deja vu. Apart from the similarities in their genre of music, I feel that Janelle Monae also reprised Lauryn hill’s role as the epitome of a young black intelligent woman today. [Now I am not saying there aren’t any other women who fit this role too, but Janelle stood out to me last night]

Come to think of it I cannot recall hearing of any “scandal” or “nudies” of Janelle floating around the internet. She doesn’t perform whilst semi nude like almost every female does in the industry today.  She just seems to keep to herself and do what she loves doing which is making music and I like that.

Maybe one day if a young woman comes up to me for advice on being an entertainer, I shall be able to say “If you want to be an entertainer, be Janelle Monae” and watch the confused face of the young star trying to figure out why I would say something like that.


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