Is this an Insult to Jesus Christ? – Designer Makes Shoes with Crucifix Heels.



There is a Thin line between Art and Insanity, What this Designer has come up with is absolutely wrong. Juan Cebrian is the Culprit here, he designed the Crucifix  heels; In a lame explanation for his misdeed, his associated says he has a creative imagination.

They say Artists and Fashion Icons have to be a little bit Crazy to come up with some of their outstanding works; However, it can be said that Juan Cebrian could be straight up insane. This is obviously going to upset most Christians around the World – And i expect the design to be boycotted as a matter of Fact.

Imagine walking with these Shoes, feeling like you are Stepping on Jesus Christ. It would have been a lot better and more “Creative” if he used the image of the Devil instead.

The Vatican has expressed their disapproval, but that is as far as it goes. Why serious actions have not been taken to mitigate the sales of this “Desgin” remains a Mystery to me.  Are Christians just too Gentle? Why do people always find it easier to Joke and Poke fun at Christians? – I know for a fact that if the Prophet Mohammed was depicted in such an unruly manner, there would have been outbursts, riots and massive outcries all over the world.

The Muslims do not allow room for such Insults.  Whether its a mistake or not, you just don’t want to step on their toes. (No pun intended)




Christians need to start making a stand.

What do you think? Design or Disregard?

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    get a life!