Is this a Sign for the End of the World?

shooting stars

All this end of the world talk has made me a bit more erm – Paranoid of natural activities.

On sky news it was predicted that Tonight at 11:30 pm there would be a meteor shower in the UK, Tens of shooting stars they said.

“It’s just about being somewhere dark – if there is a clear sky,” Dr Massey of the Royal Astronomicak society told Sky News.

But he warned the spectacle in the UK could be hampered by poor weather.

With rain or drizzle expected in much of the country, the North East has the best chance of enjoying the show.

On the upside, the moon will not be present, resulting in a darker sky and increasing prospects for a good view.

Is this just a natural showing, or has this 21st december fiasco gotten to me? Anyways, UK readers stay tuned and keep an eye open, we are one hour away from it..

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