Is Education really the Key?

Before you watch the Video below, i want you to think back to the time when you were still in school for those that have left school.. Or if you are still in school, i want you to think and ask yourself if going to school really helped you in life.

My personal problem with schools is that sometimes they can restrict your creativity.. Are Exams really meant to test intelligence or just your ability to remember things the lecturer told you and write them down within an hour?

Some exam boards/lecturers even ask for a certain style of answering their questions in their mark scheme. I remember being in school,learning a theory; only to graduate and find out that this theory has been refuted. Some of the things they teach you in school has added no value to the way you think and really shouldn’t be forced on students.

Why are students forced to learn a theory that was proposed in 1945, when they can come up with a more modern and better model if given the same resources?

Parents that force students to study certain “BIG” courses such as Medicine, Law, Banking.. Need to stop and think. Would you be happy if your child came out of University with a PASS in Medicine or would you rather prefer that child to come out University with a 1st or 2:1 in whatever course he/she likes?

If your child doesn’t like Law don’t force him to do it. We can’t have everything we want.. Some parents want to live their dream through their children’s lives and it is not fair on the child. Imagine if Muhammad Ali’s father forced him to become a singer and Michael Jackson’s dad forced him to become a boxer, it would have been a catastrophe.

As parents, your job is to watch your child closely, notice what he/she is good at, speak to that child and guide the child to the right choice. Don’t force anything on your child.

Because in order to succeed you have to be motivated to work hard, and if your child doesn’t like that course, then that child won’t be motivated to succeed. (Except the child is a genius).

Do not let school restrict your creativity, if you have an idea, go for it.. The sky is your limit. Watch the video below please..

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