Homosexuality in Black culture

Take a look at the video below; found on worldstarhiphop – A jamaican student gets beaten up by security guard at his University for homosexual acts.


What are your opinions? I am not saying that i support Homosexuality, but i do not think it was the right idea to shame this individual in front of everyone.

My reason ?

Well who are we to judge people and publicly shame them? That boy could be beaten to death tomorrow by other students because they know he is a homosexual.

If our life story were to be played out on a Big screen in front of everbody we know or don’t know, most of us will commit suicide.

FACE IT – there are some things that you have done in your life that you never want to think of, or want someone to know about.

Therefore no one is in any position to publicly humilate another person for committing Sin. If he must be punished, then maybe a private kind of punishment would have been more appropriate.

That being said, i do support the fact that he should be punished for having sexual activities in the School environment…

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