High Pregnancy Rate in Ghana – What can be done?

Underage pregnancy in Africa

I recently found out that about 750, 000 teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant annually in Ghana (as of last year). In an increasingly westernized Africa one begins to worry that African core values are being thrown out of the window. The first question i asked myself was if these pregnancies arose as a result of arranged marriages but i was surprised when Mr. Bright Amissah-Nyarko, Central Regional Branch Chairman of the Ghana Coalition of NGOs on Health (GCNH) attributed the cause of this high pregnancy rate to irresponsible parenthood, broken homes, child neglect and peer pressure.

A friend of mine suggested that the answer lies in education. With a contraceptive prevalence rate of 34.3(as of 2011), a lot needs to be done on educating teenagers in Ghana about contraception and also to train reproductive health workers to exhibit a more clientele-friendly attitude in their service delivery.

But i question his suggestion – Should teenagers in Africa be thinking about Sex/Contraception at all? Isn’t that going to add more fuel to the increasing influx of western culture embedded in African culture?

Your opinions are very much welcome.

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  • Charles Hill

    God don’t let it be to late to reclaim our continent !!!!

    • Nuani

      It won’t be brother