He must be Joking! – US rapper Rick Ross calls Africa a “Country”

Rick ross africa tweet

It might be ignorance, stupidity or memory loss, whatever excuse his PR needs to make for him should be made as soon as possible. The U.O.E.N.O rapper who has been bashed lately for glorifying Date rape in his song – “U.O.E.N.O ” is in the spot light for the wrong reasons again.

The rapper showcased his highly uneducated skills yet again by tweeting this – Rick ross africa tweetNow if you don’t see anything wrong with this tweet, you should probably turn of your laptop and take a look at the Map of the world. Yes, it can be said that most rappers aren’t educated, but as a Black man he should be familiar with his roots. Africa is a Continent and not a Country.

Thanks to this tweet, it is safe to say that the whereabouts of Rick Ross is currently unknown as he could be anywhere in Africa. As of today, the “Rick Ross Africa Tweet” is still on his twitter page, he hasn’t deleted or edited it yet. So feel free to check it out on his twitter timeline. And whilst your at it, could you please ask him where he is?


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