Gold-diggers – Women after your Money

Gold-digger, Whore, Ashawo(West African Slang for prostitute), Bitches… Name it; in our society today, there are different kinds of women, raised with different values and have different motives in life, Or in this case in a relationship.

Iam comfortable in saying that at one point in life, one must have come in contact with or heard about a woman who only got with a man just to reap material rewards from him, and once that Wallet isn’t bulging as it used to be, the woman disappears, never seen, never heard of again much like a mythical creature like Big foot or the lochness monster.

That is Gold-Digging at its finest, very similar to armed robbery only in this case, the women are armed with Weapons such as the promise of Sex, Love, Breasts and the “I LOVE YOU”.

These days, The fine art of Gold digging has evolved more intricately; and it has become extremely more difficult to spot the difference between a Gold-digger and a Lady who just happens to have High taste.

However, Before i proceed i would like to state that ” I am not generalizing, i know every woman isn’t the same; and you will still find humble, down to earth ladies who do not care if your Bank account balance is in 10 digits or not.

Now Back to my “Story”, In our society today, you will easily find famous women who have been labelled as Gold-diggers such as

  • Robin Givens (Mike tyson’s ex wife)
  • Heather mills (Paul McCartney’s ex wife)
  • Anna Nicole smith (Married an 89 year old billionare when she was only 26 years old)

Although it is well documented that these women did not come from pure obscurity to “snatch” millions off their victims/”Gold-diggees” as i call it, it is however noted that their association with their victims notoriously boosted their bank accounts to figures beyond their dreams.

Lets face it, Men can’t help but spend on women, matter of fact most men LOVE gold diggers! (Check

The reason why some Men like Gold diggers is Because of the fact that you can buy her emotions. She will love you as long as you keep re-charging her bank account. But the day you refuse to give her something, that is the day you will learn that you have been living with a SNAKE.

It is true that some men ended-up dating  gold diggers because they couldn’t  detect their attitude and behavior. Therefore i’m going to leave you with a few tips.

  • When they start showing hints that they can’t pay their bills or they need those Christian dior’s
  • If she keeps going on about how her Ex was able to buy her this and that
  • If she loves expensive stuff, stay away from her !!!
  • Finally; if she starts asking you how much you earn, how much is in your bank account….

If a Gold digger fails to get what she wants, Bad behavior will surely follow. If you are looking for long-term relationship, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not date a gold digger because she will only appreciate your financial resources.

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