For the Lovers of Poetry: Mother Nature is always Posing ♥



Pink flowers in dirty brown backgrounds
painted green by mother nature’s brush
Corners of mouths raised up
Branches of trees raising leaves up
We’re dancing at the bottom of waterfalls of peach fruit juice and love
Painting our dreams with blood
The red-stained soil feels like home to our soles/souls
We destroy every day to be whole
Bleed thoughts
Earth absorbs our moans and groans; our sweat and hope.
When we throw stones the ground makes sure they return fertile.
We can’t disappoint.

Whatever beauty we steal from her is forever returning
Whatever ugly we try to create is absorbed and changing
She can’t have her blood sweat and tears made anything but lovely
A self-portrait of sexy
Always happy
A camera flashes in her face and she’s always ready
Always lovely
Mother nature is forever posing.


By Dr. Thandokuhle S. Mngqibisa

This Poem was Written and Sent in by Dr. Thandokuhle S. Mngqibisa; If you have any Poem,Article or Story to share – You can send it to us at or


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