For the Lovers of Poetry – “Bare” by Wes Letang

Poor-Rich Man

Thoughts invade and provoke desires
Unpleasant failures make the heart shatters
Courage and desires on a string will make the heart believe again
Separations of friends and foes with a mirror in hand
Friends and family create cherish memories with joy and laughter
Truth, trust and lies escape like butterflies

Honesty valued like a sip of old and fine wine
Questions and concerns of a curious mind
Influence by aura and intuition of the inner soul
The heart of a man is 10 foot deep
He is often misunderstood and mislead by amateurs
But his focus remains and never sways
Often hated for his diligence and willing spirit

A hard earned penny produces a village and treasures
A poor man is considered poor by the way he wears his clothes
A sophisticated poor-rich man never kisses and tells all his fortune…


– This Poem was written by Wes Letang.

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