Few things people get wrong about Africa

Africa is a beautiful place of nature almost half of the world’s population are either African or of African descent, almost every Black American you see has an African ancestor somewhere down the line. A place that has given us great individuals such as Mandela, Abedi Pele, Wole Soyinka e.t.c

Africa is a key tourist attraction, about 2.7 million football fans headed to South Africa for the 2010 world cup alone. Yet it baffles me when people make simple mistakes or shall i say Misconceptions about the continent of Africa.

Africa is a country

High on the list is the common misconception that Africa is a country *Hint* *Hint* Rick Ross. For those of you who do not know, Africa is not a country but a continent just like Europe and Asia. It is the second largest and second most populated continent in the world with about 61 different countries within it. So Rick Ross take note! Rick ross africa tweet

Africans live in Huts in a village and have lions for pets

No we do not live in huts! can you imagine me writing this article in my little hut with my pet lion by my side? Although some African tribes still live in mud huts, its a decision made by choice and not because they lack civilization; its similar to Mongolian monks choosing to live in solitary confinement with no contact with technology whatsoever.  Here is a picture of some of the well known cities in Africa just to give you a glimpse.

Nairobi Kenya

Nairobi Kenya

maputo mozabique

Maputo Mozambique

Now how many huts did you see there???

Wow you speak English! That’s so impressive!

Err no! There’s nothing impressive about being able to speak a language that i was taught to speak since kindergarten. People forget that most countries in Africa were colonized by the British and Americans. English is the official language in most African countries what differs is the accent. Additionally, there are schools in Africa you know, ever heard of Wole Soyinka? Yeah he won the 1986 Nobel prize for literature. Yes! English literature..

   No Technology in Africa

Just because the G8 countries identify most African countries as “3rd world” or “underdeveloped”  doesn’t mean that there aren’t technological advances in Africa. I will have you know that I was in Nairobi, Kenya last month relaxing in my hotel room whilst browsing the internet on my speedy Wi-Fi and messaging friends of mine on my Blackberry messenger. You wouldn’t know that i was in Kenya if i didn’t tell you.


Technology africa


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  • John fademu

    Yes! I am Nigerian and i get this all the time, When i first came to the UK, i remember being asked if i was a prince back home! They also assumed i communicated with my family by clicking my tongue