Fascinating Poetry

I read this poem for the first time yesterday and words can’t dsescribe the chills i got from reading it.

If you are a true lover of poetry, you will like it..



And we shall bathe, my love, in the presence of Africa.

Furnishings from Guinea and the Congo, heavy and burnished, calm and dark.

Masks, pure and primeval, on the walls, distant but so present!

Ebony thrones for ancestral guests, the Princes of hill country.

Musky perfumes, thick grass-mats of silence,

Shadowed cushions for leisure, the sound of spring – of peace.

Mythic language; far-off songs, voices woven like the strip-clothes of the Soudan.

And then, dear lamp, your kindness in cradling the obsession with this presence,

Black, white, and red:

oh! red like the earth of Africa.

Léopold Sédar Senghor

Translated by Gerard Benson

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