Exploitation of African countries – The Game continues

Colonialism in africa

It is a case of Same game different rules, New masks old villains, Same feces different toilet. The Western world’s exploitation of Africa has taken on many different forms over the years.  Countries now take turns in looting the continent. From the United states of America to China, everyone wants to get a piece of this continental cake or dare i say continental steak meat.

Africa has suffered a lot from outside exploitation: from the Atlantic slave trade, the Arab slave trade, western exploitation, and now the Chinese catching up very fast. All claiming to “help” Africa. Even the Slave masters will tell you that they helped Africans by taking them out of their country, teaching them Christianity and how to read and write. Talk about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions.

Fast-forward to 2013 and the same game is still being played; One of the stated purposes of the G8 conference, hosted by David Cameron next week, is to “save the people of Africa from starvation.” To do that, their corporations must extend their control and ownership of large parts of Africa. As a result, they will find themselves in astonished possession of Africa’s land, seed and markets.

This is carried out via the “Special initiative” called the New alliance for food security and nutrition. Another fancy name used to cover up the apparent act of covert colonialism in play here. The aim of this initiative is to “mobilize private capital for investment in African agriculture”.

Now here comes the interesting part – “The alliance offers African countries public and private money (the UK has pledged £395m of foreign aid) if they strike agreements with G8 countries and the private sector”. To get their hands on the money, African governments have to reach certain “agreements” that will enable unprecedented access for multinational companies to resources in Africa. This include massive changes to their land and farming policies. Once again, talk about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions.

Nigeria, Malawi, Benin and Mozambique are some of the countries that have signed on to the alliance so far, and one of the agreements reached by Mozambique states thus “Systematically cease distribution of free and unimproved seeds except for pre-identified staple crops in emergency situations.  and to allow for private sector accreditation for inspection.”

No other continent has endured such an unspeakably bizarre combination of foreign thievery and foreign goodwill.”

Barbara Kingsolver, The Poisonwood Bible

This is a quote from Barbara Kingsolver in her book titled – The Poisonwood Bible. the statement summarizes all that there is to say on this topic. The new alliance will force poor farmers into buying increasingly expensive seeds, allow corporations to monopolize seed selling, and also open the door to genetically modified (GM) crops in Africa.

From slave grabbing to land grabbing, colonialism and exploitation rears its ugly head again. In the Middle East it was oil and today in Africa it’s food and mineral resources. As Henry Kissinger once said “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people”. I am sure that past Slave trade and freedom fighters would be shocked to see that so little has changed in Africa.

With that being said, it has to be acknowledged that it takes two to tango; To achieve a 100% you need 50% in two places. The corrupt governments in various African countries have also played their part, they should take their share of the blame. Their lack of respect for the country they govern is quite apparent in the decisions they make. Some of which are fueled by greed and dollar signs (Foreign Aid) – Africa’s major problem has long been poor governance and the West knows it.

“Foreign aid” is really “foreign bribe, its dubious purpose is to influence foreign governments to do the bidding of the country giving out the Aid. It also creates freedom for corrupt leaders. This situation is practically equivalent to that of a lazy man at work who sits there and does nothing but yet gets a salary at the end of the month. It allows the government to live beyond its means without consequences. In essence, it creates an incentive for bad fiscal behavior or in other words lining their pockets with cash!.

For years, Africa has been given various amounts of “foreign aid”, each taking more in return, yet there has been little or no major improvement in the majority of African economies.  No country in the world that has successfully made the leap from being an underdeveloped to a developed economy has relied heavily on foreign aid. Indeed, one of the hallmarks of being a dynamic emerging economy is the lack of reliance on charity from the developed world.

Gaddafi tried to initiate a scenario where African countries would be able to take control of their minerals and raise their prices; He started by proposing an African currency backed by Gold and look at what happened to him.

It is time for African leaders to open their eyes and ignore the unnecessary aid. No one invests all that money in your country for free!.

Do it yourself! its a lot cheaper.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so i will leave you with a picture that summarizes this article.

Looting Africa




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  • fashola12

    Africa needs to open her eyes. Things like this make africans look really stupid. Corrupt governments galore enriching themselves

  • mike jonathan

    Even a blind man can see the ulterior motives here.

  • Dr patrick styles

    Common sense, if the UK is prepared to invest over 300 million in a country then you know that they are looking to get more than that in return. UK government is very stngy, road tax, water tax, parking fee, what makes you think that they would give all that money for free? Africa wake up

  • Same guy1212

    Genetically modified crops in africa seriously?? They have killed off what nature gave them in their countries now they want to start with the “untapped” Africa?

  • Nini simons

    I am disappointed in Obama. Black for nothing

  • frankck

    there is nothing new under the sun, as the white man takes on the burden
    of black Africa for the sake of the greater good… time and time again

  • Dman

    have said it all. African leaders are brainless. Same old fools in the
    corridors of powers. They do not understand the conspiracy of the
    western world against the Africans. Corruption has blindfolded them.