Davido ft Akon – Dami Duro REMIX Review

This is our personal review ; You should have heard about Davido by now, one of the “New boys” in the game right now.

He has blown up quickly, with hit after hit, he has done a good job so far.

He recently did a remix of his hit song – Dami Duro with Akon an unlikely partner ship seeing as 95.5% of the song is sung in Yoruba. So as soon as i heard this was out, i was already searching for it so i could hear Akon attempting to dissect the Yoruba Language. (Actually, tell a lie; I initially thought the song would be translated to English for Akon’s benefit).

My verdict?

So far i have listened to it about 12 times now, and although it doesn’t sound too different from the old version (Except when you use headphones), I liked the new verse, it gave a new vibe to the track, plus i couldn’t easily tell which voice belonged to Davido and which one belonged to Akon.

Apart from the fact that Auto tune makes their voice sound more similar; Akon actually did well when it came to the Yoruba aspect; Obviously not as fluent as Davido, but you wouldn’t really know that one of the guys in the song isn’t Nigerian.

Here’s a copy of the Tune >> Have a listen and tell me what you think..



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  • lilkunta

    davido is cute