BET awards show accused of forcing African artists to pay hotel and flight costs

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According to Cameroonian/Nigerian singer Dencia the BET awards show does not pay  flights and hotel costs for African nominees.

She stated her disappointment on her twitter page a couple days ago when she claimed that the footage of Popular Nigerian artist Iceprince receiving an award at the BET awards night was pre-recorded.  She further went on to say that his award was presented to him in an empty hall but was edited to make it seem like he received it in front of a live audience.

If this is true I am truly appalled by the disrespect and the somewhat segregation of  African artists at the BET awards show. BET stands for Black entertainment television, so why isnt there any equality between the African and American artists ?

I understand that the American artists have more “Star power” , but the BET must treat their African counterparts with respect. They can’t expect them to pay for their hotel and flight costs out of their own pockets.

Except they are trying  to insinuate that there are different shades of Black ! African Black and American Black maybe?

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