Bafana Bafana of South Africa found Guilty of Match fixing.




The revelation that four Bafana Bafana matches were fixed before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa has sent shock waves through the corridors of  the  African sporting World.

The Matches fixed were the match against the following countries: Columbia, Guatamala, Thailand and Bulgaria in 2010. The match was fixed so that South africa could win therefore providing profit for betting syndicates and moguls in Asia.

The president of the South African Football Association (Safa) Kirsten Nematandari, it’s new CEO Dennis Mumble and three others have been suspended.

The question i ask  is why ?

The South African 2010 world cup was supposed to be a history making, landmark success; but now, it has inevitably been marred with these allegations of match fixing during friendlies prior to the world cup.

Africa does not need this, Corruption is being increasingly synonymous with African countries and that has to stop.

Say no to corruption ..

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