Award winning Novel – Half of a Yellow Sun Movie trailer released

The only authentic identity for an African is his tribe

I’m a Nigerian because the white man created Nigeria and gave me that identity

Never before has a simple movie trailer made me ponder and analyze the deep rooted themes embedded in the movie itself. I have read the book ‘Half of a yellow sun’ and i suggest you do so before watching the movie adaptation which premiers at the Toronto International Film Festival between the 5th-15th of September 2013.

I was excited when i heard that Chimamanda Adichie’s best selling book  ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ would be adapted into a movie – I attempted to make educated guesses on the actors and actresses that will be chosen to play the characters especially those of Olanna and Odenigbo and if they would be able to paint the same pictures seen in the book. And although i couldn’t make a good guess, i was equally impressed with the actors and actresses casted.

Award winning Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton, Onyeka Owenu and a host of others including Zack Orji starr in the movie which centres around the Nigerian civil war between Nigeria and Biafra [Mostly Ibo tribe] during the late 60’s. As of now the movie has no release date yet but the trailer has been released and it looks very good too!!

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